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  • Ethos Bytes
    • - Managed 1 major project under the supervision of the CEO, facilitated 3+ retrospectives per live release.
    • - Acted as a developer to temporarily increase development speed by 20% to meet deadlines.
    • - Acted as the scrum master for a team of 3 developers.
    • - Assisted the development team with manual testing of the project.
    • - Serves as the liaison between the development team and the clients

  • Halcyon Digital Media Design
    • - Provided documentation towards major projects.
    • - Identifies customer needs and wants and creates specifications, via charts or diagrams when deemed necessary.
    • - Identifies project milestones and phases and creates user manuals.
    • - Establishes project budgets.
    • - Holds a similar role as the product owner during the development phase
    • - Serves as the middle man between the clients and developers.

  • Tribe Inc.
    • - Coordinates with the Indian development team to determine product status
    • - Researches the recent trends within the Digital Fitness Industry
    • - Meets with potential clients and determines product roadmap
    • - Handles various tasks as per request of the Senior Product Manager

  • Sermonshots
    • - Aided the Development team with improving a video-clipping & transcription service for various churches globally.
    • - Created an onboarding system for future users
    • - Assisted in the upcomming product launch of the new website






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